• Medical – Titanium-based alloys

    Medical – Titanium-based alloys

    Titanium-based alloys are one of the best-known biocompatible metals.Therefore, titanium-based alloys are considered to be the best metal biomedical materials today.

  • Industrial – Nickel-based alloy

    Industrial – Nickel-based alloy

    Nickel-based alloys are oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance make it suitable for harsh environments with high temperature and high pressure.Nickel alloys maintain good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range.

  • Medical – Cobalt-based alloys

    Medical – Cobalt-based alloys

    Cobalt-based alloys have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and are suitable for long-term implants that require more stringent body loads, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, such as various types of artificial joints and orthopedic implantable devices. It is also used in dental applications.

  • Industrial – Aluminum-based alloy

    Industrial – Aluminum-based alloy

    Aluminum-based alloys are widely used in the industry today, mainly due to their lightweight properties.